Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome to All

Welcome to all of our new subscribers!  We're honored to have you here with us and thrilled to know that something at Danny's Angel Writes caused you to want to visit with us on a regular basis.  My prayer is that God will work through and in all to add a blessing to your life, whether it be in some new insight, a word of encouragement, or motivation to go deeper in His Word and develop a more personal, intimate relationship with Him.

I'd like to encourage those of you following on our Facebook page to periodically visit the website directly at We publish every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but sometimes the feed is a little slow to import to Facebook, a lag of many days in some cases. Feel free to jump in and post to either a thread on the website or one over on Facebook. Also, we have a blog roll on the website that links to other blogs that we feel have content that may help you along your journey to continued spiritual and personal growth.

We're on Twitter, so feel free to follow us there if you're so inclined:  @writerangela

Drop me a line sometime and let me know how you're doing (my email address can be found at the bottom of the website).  I love to hear from our readers! 

Tell your friends and family about us if you feel that they may find a blessing here. I promise that we'll welcome them with open arms. 

Again, welcome to all! Pray for me as I'll be praying for you. I look forward to our future fellowship.

'Love of Christ,


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