Friday, June 4, 2010

Want Some Sugar for that Haterade?

"But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies ..."  Luke 6:27

Ouch.  I'm the first to admit that sometimes when I read that scripture I have to restrain myself from praying, Umm, Lord, are you sure that's what you meant to say?

I know I don't have to tell you that folks can be a challenge to get along with.  One of the most popular terms to explode in our cultural lexicon of late is 'hater,' and it's not without good reason.  There just seems to be a pervasive spirit of enmity, jealousy, and envy in the air wherever you look, and most times folks can't even give a good reason why they don't like somebody else!

As believers we're called to a higher standard.  It tastes sour going down, but it will come forth as sweet as honey where it really counts -- in the scheme of eternity.

So instead of one, make that two lumps of sugar in that cup of haterade ... regardless of whether you're the one making it or drinking it. ;-)

Weigh in.  Are you a lover or a hater?

1 comment:

  1. Your analogy of the situation is on the mark. I have wondered many times how can a person who say that they represent Christ be so for lack of a better word self-righteous. We all have opinions on how a story is suppose to end , and we have the right to express how we feel. We are told that everything that we think should not be said, and what comes up should not always come out. God's word tells us to do everything decently and in order.1Cor.14:40 There is a difference in speaking to a person then speaking at a person. When we start allowing a position that we hold to enable us to take pot shots at others that to me is crossing the line, and not being done decently nor is any order being put in it . Think about it after a negative statement or statements have been expressed out openly how is the environment? Was it taken with joy and everyone received it that way? Don't get me wrong if there is something that can be said to help in my spiritual growth according to GOD's word, I welcome it. I am not looking for no one to continue to feed me milk or put sugar in it to sweeten it up, when I can eat meat. I also am a where of the fact that all medicine do not taste good. There is a difference in being helpful, and hiding behind who you are to get out what you have been wanting to say . It becomes personal if it is not GOD's word.