Monday, May 17, 2010

Stop Procrastinating … Fulfill Your Destiny!

I believe that God has placed inside each and every one of us a seed that points us in the direction of our life’s work.  This seed manifests itself into natural talents, gifts, and abilities that indicate where we best can position ourselves to be excellent contributors to our communities, to society, to the world at large, and most importantly to the building of His Kingdom.  The problem is that most of us don’t take the time to give any substantive thought to the where (as in where we should be planted) side of the equation because we’re too busy focusing on the $$$ aspect of it.  It’s been said many times over the years by sages much wiser than I that if you find the work that you love that you’ll never have to work again.  The added benefit is that because you plant yourself where you’ll naturally grow the money will come to you instead of you having to knock yourself out trying to pursue it!

Another barrier to our success is that many of us already know where we should plant ourselves but for whatever reason we procrastinate in the act of the actual planting.  We continuously pursue work that’s not suited for us because of the salary and benefit package offered and are continually disappointed because we don’t excel in that particular work and it becomes nothing more than a chore that we dread going to each workday morning.  We move from job to job using this same approach and can’t understand why we can’t find work that fulfills us when the answer is already embedded deep within our hearts.  There are even some instances where we excel at work that’s not suited for us because of our increased effort and focus, but because it’s not where we should naturally be planted we operate at a high-stress level all during our workday.

I say, stop procrastinating!  Go forth and fulfill your destiny.  We sometimes make things much harder on ourselves than we have to.  Each day wasted is another day lost that we could have made a difference in some way, both in our own lives as well as in the lives of others.

This first post is particularly significant for me because at this late stage of my life I’ve finally decided that it’s time to do what makes sense --- to plant myself in my own true career field (pun intended) so that I can grow.

Who will come and ‘grow’ with me?  The Father has already plowed and fertilized the ground … plant yourself and reap a bountiful harvest.

Have you found your true calling or are you still floundering, trying to find your way?  How did you go about determining where you should be planted?  What kind of difference did it make in your life when you found where you should be planted and actually planted yourself there?  Please comment and share your experience with us below.

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